Eleganter Schwan 06 - Limited Edition

Sweet - Floral - Woody

Rose / Sandalwood / Pear / Iris / Lime / Patchouli / Vanilla


One of the most romantic Krigler fragrances is back – Eleganter Schwan 06 with its floral accents and warm sandalwood note. The story behind the fragrance: The noble, spicy-rosy scent of Eleganter Schwan 06, which was created by Albert Krigler at the beginning of the 20th century, is experiencing a renaissance. During the development of the fragrance, Krigler drew inspiration from Neuschwanstein Castle, naming it after the castle’s special trademark, the swan. The floral German rose accent combined with a warm sandalwood note is reminiscent of the gardens of the romantic and iconic castle.

Eleganter Schwan 06 was taken off the market in the 1920s, as lighter fragrances with a citrus note increased in popularity. However, when his customers asked for a floral, spicy and seductive winter fragrance, Krigler knew he already had the perfect perfume.


Eleganter Schwan 06 - Limited Edition

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