The scent of craftsmanship, elegance, and intrigue.


Mysteriously enticing and elite fragrances from the Krigler dynasty, a historically iconic perfume house born of founder Albert Krigler’s desire to create unique luxury fragrances handcrafted from the finest ingredients around the world. A Berlin-born chemist, Albert Krigler initially worked for the French company Rallet as an apprentice in its Moscow factory.


In 1879, Albert Krigler created his first fragrance as an engagement gift for his French-born fiancée. He called this scent, Pleasure Gardenia 79. When he opened his first perfume store in 1904 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Pleasure Gardenia 79 was the first fragrance he introduced offered for sale. Shortly thereafter, he created Hermitage Heritage 04, a man’s fragrance.



Due to the tumultuous events taking place in St. Petersburg, Albert Krigler moved his family to Berlin in 1905 and opened a store there on Unter den Linden. During that same year, he created his third fragrance, Schoene Linden 05, to celebrate the beautiful and unique avenue of Berlin.


A few years later, in 1909, Krigler moved to the South of France and spent some time in the Champagne region. Krigler perfumes gained popularity and were sold in Prussia and Eastern Europe as well as on the French Riviera. By the year 1914, the war was making changes for everyone, and Krigler became a French-based house.


Krigler Perfumes rose to its initial fame in the early 1920s as a favorite among celebrities and royals of the era. Tastemakers and trendsetters flocked to Mr. Krigler’s scents, each of which was inspired by high-profile locales such as Monte Carlo, the Italian Riviera, and the Mediterranean.


In 1931, Krigler began to sell its fragrances in New York City at the Plaza Hotel. This is the year that America One 31 was created. During the 1940s and World War II, Krigler became a French-American company due to the loss of many European clientele. In the 1950s, business picked up briefly in Europe. Sadly, Albert Krigler passed away in 1954.



The fourth generation of Krigler perfumers began to focus on the company’s custom-made services, including fragrances and scented candles. Krigler fragrances are expertly blended to complement, not overpower the wearer. Each lavish scent is lovingly handmade with the most exquisite natural ingredients. Albert Krigler used to make the comment, “If we say to a person, ‘What a nice perfume,’ that means that the perfume is wrong, but if we say ‘You smell good,’ that means that the perfume is perfect for that person.”


Drawing upon five generations of luxury fragrances, Krigler reopened its doors in 2007 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City, the epicenter of elegance since its inaugural debut in 1931. Offering classic fragrances along with updated versions delivering exciting twists to popular favorites, Krigler continues its time-honored tradition of bringing the world of fragrance exceptional craftsmanship.


The Haute Perfumery arranges custom consultations for individuals looking to create a truly personalized scent. Clients can create signature fragrances or scented candles with the exclusive assistance of Krigler’s master in-house perfumers.